Our products include:

Enterprise Results Management Solution (NETAJ)

Our Enterprise Results Management Solution (NETAJ) helps you to

focus on your organization on results, not just activities. The solution is designed to manage and track various types of Key Results (KPIs, Tasks, and initiatives), handle distributed contributors, and support many review and reporting needs.

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OKR Automation

NETAJ’s sophisticated platform acts as a single source of truth for tracking each objective and key result, empowering teams to collaborate and act on real-time insights.

Sustained Value Creation

NETAJ is uniquely designed to link top-down objectives with bottom- up contributions of each and every organizational entity (department, team and individual) and consistently measures results delivered at the KR level.

Rapid Deployment

NETAJ is configured based on your organization needs. The intuitive, web-based platform and smart set of flexible options and features ensure fast training, rapid adoption, and swift deployment across all levels of the organization.

Organization Exellence Solutions(Tammayos Gate Way)

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Tamayyoz gateway is a web-based system which is a complete set of applications that supports business excellence at different organizational levels.

It enables the organization to direct, govern and control all the business elements effectively and efficiently as well as measuring and analyzing all the outcomes of the business operations to get the planned results and goals.

Tamayyoz gateway is build according to internationally recognized standards and measure to ensure compliance with international and domestic authorities.

The applications of Tamayyoz gateway are flexible and can be customized according to clients demands to integrate with other applications via the full support of application programming interface (API)

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions

Through our partner Information Builder’s solutions we assist you to:

Access any data from anywhere

Create one single source of truth

Build and manage insights

Leverage AI to discover, automate and augment

Enable any data available across any platform

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