Government & Public Sector

Government and Public Sector organizations are required to improve delivery of its core services and information to citizens with reduced budgets. This has forced them to become more efficient in the way they operate, cut costs and manage their workforce, but continue to deliver the core public services their constituents need. The need for information and data is more relevant and is vital for the efficiency of government and public sector organizations.  Across Government organizations, say health services, education, law and justice, tax, transportation etc., can leverage analytics to achieve enhanced insight and foresight into their activities.PSC’s analytic based approaches and our intelligent solutions can provide the necessary insights and innovation to add value to the existing operations of the organization. The PSC leverages advanced statistical modeling and visualization tools,  business strategy, operational planning capabilities, deep data management and transformation expertise to solve key business issues faced by Government and Public Sector Organizations.

Non Government Organizations (NGOs)

Non Government Institutions are key to societal and economic progress and well being of the country. Transparency and good governance are crucial for the development of NGIs. We support them to deliver transformation that matters to citizens, driving transformations that have a significant, positive impact on society – by providing digital and analytics, operations, organization, and strategy. We do end-to-end consultancy service from identifying the pain areas to developing sustainable solution to deliver tangible results which will improve the lives of disenfranchised segment of the society.

Banking & Financial Services

In order to recover from the pandemic, the banking and financial institutions need to explore and implement a new blueprint which propels operations, customer relations and security by building digital systems, networks and platforms.

PSC supports banking and financial organizations to successfully implement the digital transformation and also to build a modern platform that suits the customer needs. We work for the banking and financial institutions to transform/ digitize their core process and enrich customer experiences.

Energy Resources & Utilities

PSC assists Energy, Resources and Utilities clients to manage the disruptive business challenges, to develop their businesses, grow their revenues and reduce costs. These include solutions to Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power & Utilities, Mining & Metals, Industrial products & Construction sectors. We helps to develop new strategies, improve operating models, create more efficient organizations and ways of managing to deliver superior customer and investor value.


The retail sector- with its challenging competition in the modern world need a good deal to make sale and attract the royal customers. It requires a superior strategy, efficient operations, targeted marketing, robust organization and reliable technologies. Our retail solutions help the retailers across all sectors from grocery, apparel, fashion, luxury and more.

PSC helps in:

Strategy design and implementing, business development.

Creating a compelling commercial offer and pricing promotions.

Optimized sourcing, supply chain management and efficient store operations.

Developing marketing methods Organization building and smooth management process.

Implementing new technologies to this sector.


The disruption caused by the COVID 19, global pandemic on automotive sector is uncertain; right from manufacturing, HR practices, operating styles, sourcing, policy support to retail, communication and emergency response mechanisms.

Automobile electrification, vehicle connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility Artificial Intelligence etc., are the innovations in the automobile industry. In this environment, we work closely with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, technology companies and mobility service providers to develop strategies that help to achieve the dominating market for your business today while ensuring that your business is future-ready to seize new opportunities.

What We Do?

Strategy Development

PSC support top management in making far-reaching strategic decisions in an environment of disruptive change, volatility and uncertainty; also utilize the resources to new business opportunities, and to the traditional automotive core business, in order to maximize profits.

Customer integration:

Success of the automotive industry lies in the suppliers’ network as well as the feedback from the customer experiences. We integrate the customer experiences with our analytic capability for development and production of customer oriented products and services.

OEM and Supplier expertise:

PSC supports OEMs and suppliers transform their business models and portfolios; incorporating innovations, quality management and creative product development programs and hence increase the profits.

Efficiency and Cost Management:

Through product development programs and supply chain analysis helps in minimizing the revenue leakage and improve profit margins.


Develop digital content to increase effectiveness, reduce time to market, while reducing related costs.