A digital transformation strategy roadmap is designed to clearly answer the following broad questions which are sequentially arranged to steer the organization to a successful digital transformation.

  • Why do we need a digital transformation?
  • What must we achieve in order to transform?
  • What do we need to transform?
  • What changes are required in order to transform?
  • What package of changes should we form to execute the transformation?
  • How and when do we sequence the packages of change for transformation?

We have experience and expertise in developing Business and Digital strategy.
We can help the companies with their Business and Technology Transformation journey by providing the right methodology, tools and execution models to build and deliver strategic business results -technology value maximization, operating model restructuring and strategic cost reduction. The services offerings are as follows:

Business & Technology Transformation

Business Strategy Creation

Digital Maturity Assessment

Strategic Business and Digital Planning

Digital & Business Strategy Formulation and Alignment

Digital Strategy Creation and Roadmap Development

Operation Strategy Creation

Business and Digital Strategy Execution

In-Depth Research including competitive intelligence & Voice of Customer (VoC) Analysis

Global Market Research &

ICT Management

ICT Governance Model deployment

PMO Establishment

PMO Maturity Assessment

Project Management Tools deployment

Bid Management

Tracking project finances & ROI Analysis


We have experience and expertise in providing end-to-end service offerings in Enterprise Architecture. The services offerings are as follows:

Enterprise Architecture

  • Architecture Advisory
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Architectural strategy creation
  • Enterprise Architecture:- vision, planning, roadmap, reference architecture and management
  • Define Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Architecture
  • Information / Data Architecture
  • Solution / Application Architecture
  • Technology / Technical Architecture
  • Establishment of Architecture Governance Model e.g. Global Design Authority, etc.
  • Defining, establishing and setting up of standards and best practices by using ITIL, Six Sigma, CMMI, etc.
  • Planning and creation/establishment of solution development methodology (Enterprise and Project specifics) and its deliverable artefacts
  • Service / Component driven architectural framework (Service Oriented Architecture for Application Development) and Web Services


The overarching impact of this offering is the support for digital transformation strategy by clearly defining the inhouse - outsourcing approach, organizational design, and governance principles.

We help to identify the best way to design an operating model and organizational structure that will effectively support your digital transformation strategy.


Our Consultants reviews key digital transformation processes to identify optimization potential. We also define the scope and approach of any outsourcing and create a suitable framework for managing digital transformation initiatives and service providers. In addition, we review the digital transformation steering governance and organization, highlighting areas for improvement and use this information to outline roles and responsibilities.

A further step is to define the organizational structure for digital transformation as well as corresponding reporting lines and steering mechanisms in local operational units. We can also identify a set of relevant KPIs and define targets to help steer the digital transformation journey.



As a strategic partner, PSC brings Infrastructure Management (a business perspective to technology) and Technical Support (a technology perspective to the enterprise) together, to give you unified support and quick resolution. Our experience of advisory services combines Data Center management, Infrastructure Management, End-User Computing Services and IT Application Management. We have clustered our offering around IT Modernization; Core Systems Renewal and Cloud Strategy.


IT modernization:

If you possess diverse applications landscape, we will work with you to modernize your technology by identifying potential opportunities to modernize / rationalize the application, platform and infrastructure portfolio, leveraging best practices and industry trends (open source, cloud) and analyzing your current landscape and developing target architecture options, business cases, and implementation roadmaps.


Core systems renewal:

If you have heavily invested in ERP systems and want to get the best value from them and leverage new technologies as well as traditional ERP, we design the future architecture and provide strategic platform insights to leverage open technologies to improve value from technology ecosystems.


Cloud strategy:

If you want to ensure that you are getting the best value from cloud technology and services, we will work with you to develop (a) Cloud computing strategy and business cases (b) Cloud computing implementation and migration (c) IT infrastructure and application discovery (d) IT as cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) service broker