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Enterprise Applications

01. Enterprise Results Management Solution (NETAJ)

NETAJ or OKR Automation Management is a results management solution that focuses your organization on results (OKRs), not just activities.[ Our sophisticated platform acts as a single source of truth for tracking each objective and key result, empowering teams to collaborate and act on real-time insights. The solution is designed to manage and track various types of Key Results (KPIs, Tasks, and initiatives), handle distributed contributors, and support many review and reporting needs.

Key Features

Align top-down Objectives with the bottom-up contribution of each and every team and person. Set clear Key Results, roles and responsibilities.


See progress across all work streams and track actual impact and forecast future delivery.


Review OKR progress live and report on what matters most to your business

4)Sustained value creation

NETAJ is uniquely designed to link top-down objectives with bottom-up contributions of each and every organizational entity (department, team and individual) and consistently measures results delivered at the Key Results level.

5)Rapid deployment

NETAJ is configured based on your organization needs. The intuitive, web-based platform and smart set of flexible options and features ensure fast training, rapid adoption, and swift deployment across all levels of the organization

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02. Organization Excellence Solution (TAMAYOZZ)

Tamayyoz gateway is a web-based system which is a complete set of applications that supports business excellence at different organizational levels.

It enables the organization to direct, govern and control all the business elements effectively and efficiently as well as measuring and analyzing all the outcomes of the business operations to get the planned results and goals.

Tamayyoz gateway is build according to internationally recognized standards and measure to ensure compliance with international and domestic authorities.

The applications of Tamayyoz gateway are flexible and can be customized according to clients demands to integrate with other applications via the full support of application programming interface (API)

Elements of Tamayyoz Gateway:
01. Enterprise governance System (Howkama)

Howkama is an enterprise governing, risk management, and compliance system. It is a web application that documents based on knowledge models all business components (strategy, services, processes, organizations, measures, roles and responsibilities, policies, projects, and principles).

Howkama provides a comprehensive risk management system that implements international risk management life cycle. It also tracks and analyze risk occurrences and response strategies. Howkama also has evaluation and auditing components that allow its users to define auditing or evaluation frameworks, implementation plans, results recording and analysis. Howkama also has an advanced survey components that can be use in enterprise governance activities.

Howkama is Web Application with full and native support for Arabic and English languages

02. Quality management system (Jawdah)

JAWDA is a web-based Enterprise system to manage the full quality management/ evaluation cycle using international standards and best practices. This includes defining auditing check lists, defining auditing plans, to be audited elements, defining evaluators, executing audits, and tracking corrective actions.

JAWDA supports English and Arabic Natively. Terminology can be adjusted to match organization adopted standards

03. Project management office system (PMOS)

PMOS is a web-based system that supports centralized management of project programs, and portfolio according to well known project management methodologies and frameworks which enables you to track and implement your projects effectively and efficiently.

oIt complies with the standard project frameworks and provide the required reports and dashboards

04. Strategy management system (Strategy Architect)

Strategy Architect (SA) is an automated software solution for implementing the Balanced Scorecard in a collaborative strategic performance management framework. It enables real-time automatic recording of the BSC performance measures to its information sources. It provides dash boards at various levels and various BSC components such as perspectives, measures, and initiatives. SA also supports unlimited number of interdependent BSCs (Cascaded BSCs).

Strategy Architect (SA) deploys enterprise-wide, and is integrated with windows LDAP or other users’ authorization technology. Administration utilities are used to grant access rights to various groups.

SA uses unique visual modeling technology to model the strategic and performance architecture of an enterprise and extract computed data from various operational data stores to present distilled visual scorecards in a web-based front end. This enables a fast development and deployment of BSC systems.

The users can access the SA online or offline and browse data in full value mode or in summarized visual index mode. With SA you can proactively monitor performance against company targets and plan for corrective actions much sooner than before.

05. Risk management system

Risk Management System is a web-enabled, Enterprise-wide, Bi-Lingual system which supports the Risk Management processes based on international standards such as ISO 31000, with smart reports and dashboards, and communications features.

Risk Management: supports best practices for management enterprise risks in various domains (Strategic, Finance, Projects Execution, etc.). It manages:

Risk Libraries Building
Risk Mitigation Plans Definitions
Risk Management Plans Execution Tracking (Integrates with Task Management System)
Risk Analysis reports.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Applications


Through our partner ‘Information Builders’ we offer you the state of the art solutions to support your data warehouse and governance strategy. The solutions offered by Information Builders will help to establish a framework for ingesting data into a data lake for data storage, provide transformation and quality processing of data to either a Data Warehouse or for direct self-service consumption, process data for cognitive journey (AI and ML) modeling and injection, and making the data available for self-service or application specific use and visualizations.

Omni-Gen Platform

The Omni-Gen Platform provides robust, scalable, enterprise level capabilities for Data Quality and Meta Data Management. Our business user focused UI and model driven development environment allow you to rapidly deliver results. Our Data Quality Engine,meta data management, AI and Data Science, and data management capabilities allow you to manage data in motion and data at rest. The open and extensible Omni-Gen platform allows you to integrate the solution within your existing infrastructure with minimal


Our model driven development platform, business and IT collaboration features, and prebuilt business rules and data models can reduce design and development time from month and years to weeks and months.


Our platform is simple – it allows for the design and deployment of robust, scalable enterprise class applications through a drag, drop and configure paradigm.


Much of the under-the-covers technical detail is automated. This allow both business and IT collaboration to flourish, but also reduces re-work and makes future maintenance much simpler.

The Omni-Gen platform is a highly scalable data integration framework that streamlines the acquisition, harmonization, management and governance of enterprise data and makes it available to a range of consuming applications. We leverage modern data integration, data quality, master data management and application integration technology in a single interoperable architecture.

Omni-Gen Key features

Data Preparation to understand, blend, and cleanse data


Batch and real time Data integration


Data Quality tools and workflow to ensure trusted data


Data Management to gain a 360 degree view of data


Data Governance for flexible management of data

Business Intelligence Platform (WebFocus)

WebFOCUS is a comprehensive and versatile business intelligence and analytics platform, enabling companies to deploy BI and analytics more strategically across and beyond the enterprise.

Within a single enterprise platform, WebFOCUS incorporates a broad range of capabilities providing organizations with everything they need deliver on any and every possible analytical requirement.

WebFOCUS has a fully re-engineered BI and analytics interface, with visually intuitive and highly efficient workflows, incorporating UI/UX best practices throughout.

WebFocus Key Features

Enterprise Grade Analytics



Mapping Capabilities

Self-Service Analytics

Data Access

Data Exploration

Mobile Friendly